flarq does not connect, vbdigi seems to work

"Ilkka Kontola" <oh3njc@...>


I have tried NBEMS with Yussi OH7TE and Tommi OH7JJT with no success.

VBdigi seems to work fine but the (inter process) communication
between flarq and VBdigi stops during the first connection attempt.
Have tried all modes VBdigi supports.

After the unsuccessful "on air" test I tried a "wired" (sound cards
directly connected) QSO between two laptops. Same problem; flarq
stops to communicate with VBdigi. VBdigi works OK alone.

I wonder if some other digi mode software has installed dll:s flarq
does not like....

I have RFSM-8000 (several versions), MultiPSK, MixW and EasyPal. I
think Yussi and Tommi have at least these applications installed.
(BTW Yussi, Tommi and I have been beta testing the RFSM-8000 now for
several months and we are quite impressed on the performance on
auroral zone 80m domestic QSOs)

Anyone using both RFSM-2400/8000 and NBEMS?

73, Ilkka OH3NJC

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