Update on Testing in Indep Missouri

"n0evh" <n0evh@...>

Hello all,

N0EVH John and KB0EMB Larry continued our testing with the latest
versions of software. We were running 2 meter SSB on Yaesu gear 897
and 817 a few miles apart.

We are experiencing good connects and transfers at all psk speeds up
to and including psk250.

Sending small and large text files I only remember one ARQ that had
to be resent.

Occasionally on a restart (from changing speeds) a connect would not
happen. We would down shift to psk63 and get a success and then
move back to psk250. Don't understand what that was about.

With that success we then tried 2 meter FM. We found that decode
was inconsistent. Thinking this was due to not having the audio
levels correct. We will give it another go later.

All in all we are very impressed and excited about what these
applications offer to emcom. We will try some longer distances in
the near future.

Thanks for the hard work.

John N0EVH

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