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I believe the txOffset is for calibration of differences in the TX and
RX clocks. See the help file of the MMVARI programm on how to
calibrate this with the help of an external loopback cable.


Eric / WY7USA

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The current /Tx Offset/ control will allow you to enter values beyond
the allowable limits of the MMVARI encoder/decoder. The /Tx Offset/
control will change to a combo box pick list for the next version. In
the meantime do not enter values larger than +/- 20 Hz. This
control is
used to compensate for *small* differences between Rx and Tx
frequencies. The difference is the combined error of your sound card
codec and your transceiver. Start with a 0 Hz offset. If you find
your Tx signal is 10 Hz higher than your Rx point then enter 10 Hz into
the control and vbdigi will subtract 10 Hz from the transmitted audio

If you want to a large frequency differential between Rx and Tx then
should use the /Split/ control for that purpose.

Remember that there is on-line help for vbdigi:

73, Dave, W1HKJ

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