Re: NBEMS bug or question

"Rich Newsom" <richwa4sxz@...>

I just fired up the old reliable Win98se test bed and set a 640x480
and had no problem resizing the window to lsee than half of the
screen. This on a P1-200mmx processor w 132M of SDram. Video is old
Matrox Mystique with 4M of ram. I still have a Win95 box with a 1
gig scsi drive to hook up but the dust storm when I start it may
drive me out of the shack.

Try selecting a different font, see what happens. I have a large font
selected so I can monitor while across the room. I've left this
setup running NBEMS & Rigcat for 3 days continuous without ever
missing a thing.


--- In NBEMSham@..., "Allison Parent" <kb1gmx@...> wrote:

I added the software V1.2 to my system and found an annoying bug.

The digi software does not resize to less than a full screen with
overhang. Makes using the buttons and sliders along the edges
hard to use.

Any thoughts?

System is W98se hybrid (no IE/OE and W95 gui). This is a fully
tested system with a larger group of Digi modes.


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