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You just might be pushing the limits of antiquity Allison. What
size is
your screen? The software was designed to run on W98 through Vista,
you are the first to report trying this with a W95 hybrid. VB6 handles
all screen dimensions in Twips. The minimum width for the application
is 7500 Twips. That will correspond to a different number of pixels
depending on your screen width in pixels. It has been run successfully
on screen sizes of 1024x768 and up. Are you using something smaller
than that?

Dave, W1HKJ
The screen in use is a CRT that will go pop if I ask the card to do
more than 800x600. If I switch to the flat panel it sill looks poor
at 1280x1024 and doesn't resize. The system in use (98hybrid) has
a good and very flexible video card in it. The program runs fine
otherwise and the CPU isn't even working hard.

When tried on the WIn2k box and the XP box the problem was the screen
has two sizes large and way too large with no resize. That was viewed
on a screen that was 1600x1200. I expect windows apps to resize
when I grab a side or corner and the copy I have does not do this.

That size issue made it unusable on the laptop that was also limited
to 800x600.

Hope that helps with the explanation.

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