Update to NBEMS help html

"David Freese" <w1hkj@...>

I just updated the NBEMS html help file and the pdf file. The
following text was added to describe how to mark and copy text from
the Rx text control. Some reports were received about the "Rx Pause"
button showing and causing the Rx text flow to be interrupted.
Perhaps this description will help to prevent panic from setting in.

Capturing a Callsign or other text

Double-click on a callsign on the upper (Receive) window to capture
the call and use it for the macros. To be parsed as a valid callsign
the word must be at least 3 characters long, and have at least one
numeral in the group. You can also type a callsign into the Call
field of the log. If you are connected to the internet you can press
F1 to query the QRZ.com web site with the displayed callsign.

If you double click on a 3 number group such as 599 the text will be
copied to the R (rst in) control. If you double click on any other
word it is assumed to be a name and is sent to the Name control.

A single-click or a drag and click in the Rx window will cause the Rx
text flow to be interrupted so that you can direct what to do with the
marked text. The easiest way to mark text is to do the following

1. single-click with left mouse button in the Rx window ... the Rx
text flow is interrupted
2. mark the desired text by dragging over the text while holding
the left mouse button down
3. move the mouse pointer to the destination, ie: Qth or N(otes)
and the either right click or press Ctrl-V for paste
4. right click in the Rx window and select a destination from the
popup menu or click again in the Rx window to dismiss the popup menu
and resume text flow
5. Rx text flow will also resume after you click on another control
on the display. The quickest is to just left click in the Tx window.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

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