So depressed and sad...

Jim Duncan, KU0G

Hello, everyone!


I was SO disappointed to not be able to be on the air by Jan. 1st. I’ve been looking forward to the 10th anniversary of NATA returning to the air. Unfortunately, the radio gods decreed that my venerable TS-480 shall have zero transmit power and read infinite SWR in the tuner and it seems to be beyond the usual run the keyer high speed to get the sticking relay to release method. So, I’m off the air during this awesome long period all-day/all-night DX opening happening on 40m, watching my JT-8 waterfall completely full, and missing the NATA 10th


Hoping that the refurb final board I was able to locate will solve the problem. If not, there’s one other board that will have to be replaced.


I’m beyond disappointed to have been off the air but, at the same time, I’m thrilled that the net has lasted 10 years and appears to be in good hands with Ted at the helm and others ready to help. The first night I started the net back up on 80m we had something like 5 check-ins: Jeff, Amanda, John Dziadus, myself and I think KI4TYK. (I’ll have to go back to my logs and pull that night out!)


We had a lot of people saying we’d never make it a year. Then it was they’ll never last 5 years. Then it was 10 years and here we are! Still defying the odds…


I’m desperately working to unload some of my professional responsibilities to get back some “home time” in the evenings again so I can get back on the air more, do some contesting again, keep working toward 300 DXCC, and even call the NATA net again from time to time…


Thank you to Ted, KU8F, for keeping the dream alive and to everyone else that has played a role even just by being a regular check-in. NATA is all about YOU and I’m proud to see it continuing to grow and thrive!


73 de Jim, KU0G