Ted Hadfield, KU8F


We run our nets on local time.  So after daylight change   we will start nets at 6: pm and must end at 8:  pm   eastern    5pm central end 7pm central. 


At the change, we can no longer end at 8:30 pm   we must end at 8:00 pm for omiss startup at exactly that time.


(they begin checkins now at 8:30 eastern and begin at 9:00 but they go for universal time, not

Local time, so they will start at 7:30 eastern and begin at 8:00 however, they agree to allow us

To continue until 8:00 and they will begin checkins at that time)


So after Daylight savings time, we actually will loose 30 minutes 


Try to start the net between 6 and 6 15  pm eastern (5 and 5:15 central)



End promptly at 8:00 pm eastern  (7 central)


Daylight change starts on Sunday 2am  November 2nd so the net on Sunday evening will be the first to begin the change  (AF2Q) 


Ted KU8F