80 40 meter nets

Ted Hadfield, KU8F

We will have an 80 meter net several nights a week for the next few weeks or longer,

But will also have the normal 40meter net as well by scheduled net controllers.



80 Meters will start with WB1BR, Brandin in Maine.   Be sure to check netlogger for

Frequencies and times of startup around 7:00 eastern each night, until 8 or 8 30.


40 meters will start as always   6:00 eastern to 8:00 eastern.


This weekend we will be having ARRL sweepstakes that may or may not interfere with

The nets.



Be sure you have a clear frequency Net Controllers.



We would like to begin using our club call NA0TA for the entire month of December in

Celebrating our 10th anniversary that began in January 2019.  More details will follow.



Ted   -   KU8F






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