Re: FW: [ncs] Important updates

Ted Hadfield, KU8F

Sorry Cono,  there is nothing wrong with the netlogger time,  it had already been fixed.



From: "Cono DelROSSO via Groups.Io"
Sent: Friday November 8 2019 8:28:51AM
Subject: Re: [NATA] FW: [ncs] Important updates

Hi Ted,

Can you elaborate a little more. I need to know how NetLogger is wrong? is it wrong by 15, 30 or 60 minutes.. And 
From my understanding since I live in the east and some of us do, I like to get everything explained to me like a child, I start the Net at 6PM and end it at 8PM then hand it over to OMISS . . Now if that is wrong please let us know.


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