Config menu missing, Firmware Ver not readable #calibration #bootloader

Joe (N1MID)

Thank you for that. I have a push-button on the right hand side of the nanoVNA that enabled DFU. Hold the button and toggle the power switch to "ON" and a blank gray-ish screen appears. Plug in the USB C cord and the PC recognized the device. The flashing software found it and I was able to upgrade to 0.8.0. Thanks again to all for the support!

Larry Rothman

You have a very old release of firmware. Read up on how to place your unit into dfu mode by shorting the boot 0 pins and then flash the latest firmware.You'll need to install the dfu utility or if using Linux the flashing is done with different commands. 
Please download and read one of the many user guides in the forum file section and watch some of the YouTube videos on flashing. 
Note: you can flash H FW on your unit but not H4 or F versions. 
Good luck. 

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Gyula Molnar

Hi Joe,

Welcome to nanoVNA users.
Indeed: he who dares wins. For someone who has a problem and doesn’t know the solution, it’s hard to articulate what their problem is.
The interviewer knows best what he is wondering about. Feel free to use the descriptions in the wiki and files folder.
If you’ve messed something up, you don’t have to panic because there’s some solution, you just don’t know about it.

Successful use for you

73, Gyula HA3HZ
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Joe (N1MID)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I did a blind firmware update to get to 0.8.0 and now all is right with the nanoVNA. I have a config button. The risk was worth the reward and I appreciate those who've gone before me and produced the following guides:
Upgrade process:
Where to get firmware:
Shell commands (via Putty):

Joe (N1MID)

adding a command line "info" copy and paste

Joe (N1MID)

Hi all. Im new to my nanoVNA, but I've been browsing the Group. First thing to do is calibrate the touchscreen. I think I am missing some key functionality, the Config menu is missing. So, that brought me to think, perhaps the FW was corrupted. I've browsed around on the wiki and topics and could not find anyone with a similar problem. I went looking for what firmware I was on and discovered that its under the missing config menu.
Ok, perhaps NanoVNASaver has the firmware, right? Download, plug in, scan ports, connect and I see data points flowing in, Great. I picked the About button in Saver and the FW is v0.0.0. That's probably wrong. The CMD line for nanoVNASaver is attached.
So, what is a newbie to do? All thoughts are welcome.