NanoVNASharp MOD v3 released


NanoVNASharp MOD v3 is released:

Whats new:

- added CAPTURE button, which allows to get screenshot from the NanoVNA
- completely rewritten from scratch communication layer, now it works more reliable
- improved error handling
- fixed calibration bug (calibration code is reworked and now works as expected, added RESET button for calibration)
- improved user interface for calibration (button highlighting, etc)
- fixed frequency setup issues
- improved support for different firmware versions
- improved S1P and S2P export
- added firmware version detect (firmware version now is displayed in the app title)

Current TODO list is to add support for unlimited measurement points.
Let me know if you found bugs or have suggestions :)

#nanovna #nanovnasharp #nanovnasharp-mod-v3 #nanovna-capture #nanovna-calibration

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