Re: Please change project name: NanoVNA V2

Rune Broberg

thank you very much for your efforts in creating this project, and for your
continued effort in developing both the firmware, and any upcoming new
revisions of the hardware! It is a great asset, and your efforts have been
the seed that created this blossoming community.

I fully support and stand by your request to not have other projects,
particularly ones of a completely different design, infringing on the name
you have chosen. I trust that any serious vendor would as well!

I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you in the future!

Rune / 5Q5R

On Sat, 5 Oct 2019 at 17:33, <> wrote:

Hello folks,

I'm edy555, the original developer of NanoVNA.
This is the first time to post this group.
It's very exciting that such many people enjoy the gadget from my small

By the way, according to this thread discussion, it seems that a new and
wonderful VNA project is in progress.
If my project triggered a new VNA project, it is my great pleasure.

But as far as I can see, its design is quite different from NanoVNA, so
the project here needs to be named differently than NanoVNA.
And in addition, I have a plan to develop a new design of VNA my own,
which has extended frequency range. I might hope to give my project that
Therefore I'd like to request people related to the V2 project to change
its name.

I hope you have respect for the original and think about this issue
And many thanks to all people here who like NanoVNA.


Tomohiro - TTRFTECH @edy555

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