Re: errors of "error" models




First of all, allow us, please, to express, on the occasion,
our deep respect for your impressive Work with NanoVna.

Next, allow us, please, to inform you that just after the
message including the preliminaries of the uncertainty:

[6] :

we took into account your clear call for understanding
and thus we started a sequence of very short messages
on this subject, beginning with:

[10] :

Finally, allow us, please, to comment that, in our humble
opinion, regarding 'Understanding', there are the following
types of human beings, according their personal tastes:

(1) Those who don't want to understand, and those who want
to understand, but when they don't understand then, according
to their judging abilities, they put constantly the blame:
(2) on the others,
(3) on themselves, and
(4) either on the others or on themselves, according to the state
of their progress in the Knowledge

Keep up the Good Work !




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