Re: errors of "error" models


@Gary O'Neil :


And thank you, once more, for your most
valuable contributions !


(1) regarding the objective requirement
for a distribution of the REGION executable,
allow us, please, to notice the useless result
of such an action, because, once again, this
file is not a standalone program but it constitutes
just the one part of this two-part /F/L/O/S/S/, and

(2) regarding the subjective concerns you most
reasonably expressed about your time, also
allow us, please, to notice that since the personal
taste is the decisive criterion that governs humans'
choices, and since the expediencies of any kind
were never dictated our acts, we are not be able
to the slightest to suggest you what to do in order
to meditate these worries of you.

Finally, since we mostly respect your efforts and
your time you spent to take a look at our humble
work, allow us, please, to conclude our communication
by thanking you, once again, very much!



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