Re: errors of "error" models



We just uploaded the currently available version of /F/L/O/S/S/ FORTRAN code:

Check the functionality of the program, please, by using the included text files :
[INPUT.TXT] : 101 Frequencies etc, and:

[SH.SC] : Short,
[LD.LD] : Load,
[OP.OC] : Open, and

which are the real raw measurements, collected by using an HP 8505A VNA
Automatic Network Analyzer System in CW mode under HP-IB control, from
a deliberately roughly constructed UHF Ground-Plane Antenna, which was also
deliberately roughly installed just outside and in the immediate vicinity of the
metal walls of the Anechoic Chamber in our past Antennas Laboratory, in order
to produce as much as possible anomalies in the results of Rho and Zeta,
as well as of their computed uncertainties both of complex and real value,
in terms of 101 frequency steps.

Next to come : numerous related references



PS Also, take a look, please, at the related discussion "on the comparisons":


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