Re: errors of "error" models



Allow us, please, to we report that in order to be adequately
prepared to estimate the uncertainty in NanoVNA
measurements using complex differential error regions
and real differential error intervals, that is to attempt for the
first time scientific measurements using NanoVNA with the
only available method we know and with the currently
available software tools, we need, in addition to a correctly
working version of the interpreted foss [maxima-cas] to run
the /f/l/o/s/s/ [], a foss compiled language to we
be able to independently cross-verify the computation
results, and as a such one we intend to use for now the

Also, allow us, please, to we report that in a correctly working
operating system [wxp64p&sp2] we know that the following
versions of these two languages are respectively the last
ones which are correctly working under the 32-bit emulation
mode of an AMD x86-64 cpu:






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