Re: New, disappointed member intro

John Herleman

If you have access to a can of compressed air, it may be worthwhile to try blowing the switch out a bit and then carefully examine the rear portion where it contacts the silver metal backing. I found on mine that the metal had some sharp edges that impeded free movement. While I wouldn't generally recommend it, I have also put a tiny bit of lubricant on the back of the wheel and then used the compressed air to remove excess and to force some tiny bit of it into the mechanism. The switch is replaceable if you are comfortable with precision soldering but I suspect that you may be able to salvage it. I found only a single "spring" operated mine and, accordingly, it seems unlikely that it can be broken in one direction only. While well thought out, the open source nature of this unit often means that quality control is VERY compromised. Don't give up without a proper fight.

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