Re: New, disappointed member intro


Hello Bruce,

Thank you for the reply. I can manually return the switch to the centre
position but the spring return no longer works except from the left
position. The movement of the switch feels "gritty".

I've had an answer from the seller who seems to think that a part was
missing, so I've replied to explain again that the switch is faulty. Yes, I
could use the NanoVNA with the PC software (although I haven't tried) but I
want to use it with a very compact Go Kit when I don't have use of a
computer. I'm expecting (hoping) for a replacement but I could learn to use
it in the meantime.


John G4EDX

On Sun, 15 Sep 2019 at 11:56, Bruce KX4AZ <> wrote:

When you say it does not return by itself, does that mean you can still
manually "persuade" it to return by pulling it back from the stuck
position? If it is permanently stuck, have you tried using any PC software
to control the analyzer? That might at least let you collect data etc
while working on getting a replacement.

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