Re: NanoVNA bricked


Hi Peter,

I had a working NanoVNA that I wanted to update, but it also didn't work with DfuSE due to only STM32 BOOTLOADER showing up in the Win10 device manager.
The STM32CubeProgrammer indeed did the trick (with only the usb connection!)

Steps I used with the Nano in programming mode (shortened pins):
- Connected the Nano to the pc via the usb cable, switched the device on, started STM32CubeProgrammer software.
- Switched the connection (Tab in the upper right corner) from ST-LINK to USB, and connected.
- In the 'Memory and File Edition' menu, I've set Size to 0x20000, Data Width to 8 Bits (Address of 0x0800000 showed already) like mentioned by QRP RX in this topic.
- Read the original data and saved it as backup (.bin format).
- Switched to the 'Erasing & Programming' menu, I ERASED the Flash Memory and wrote the firmware that QRP RX left in this topic.

Ended up with a working NanoVNA that has 4 traces now, and has a higher resolution! ('NanoVNA GEN111.TAOBAO.COM' showing on the splash screen when starting up).
(I did get it bricked when not erasing the flash memory before re-programming).

Thx for the solution QRP RX and Peter!
73 from happy ON7IVE

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