Config menu missing, Firmware Ver not readable #calibration #bootloader

Joe (N1MID)

Hi all. Im new to my nanoVNA, but I've been browsing the Group. First thing to do is calibrate the touchscreen. I think I am missing some key functionality, the Config menu is missing. So, that brought me to think, perhaps the FW was corrupted. I've browsed around on the wiki and topics and could not find anyone with a similar problem. I went looking for what firmware I was on and discovered that its under the missing config menu.
Ok, perhaps NanoVNASaver has the firmware, right? Download, plug in, scan ports, connect and I see data points flowing in, Great. I picked the About button in Saver and the FW is v0.0.0. That's probably wrong. The CMD line for nanoVNASaver is attached.
So, what is a newbie to do? All thoughts are welcome.

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