locked A public message to Hugen


Hello, on behalf of the NanoVNA V2 hardware design team we have to announce that from today on we can no longer permit you to use our hardware design. To avoid giving you unnecessary trouble we will allow you to continue to sell off your existing inventory, but we ask that you cease production of any hardware that uses our PCB layout design from today on.

I understand that this notice is not legally binding because PCB layouts are not covered by copyright. However, we believe that vendors who use our design work and profit from it should respect the wishes of the original developers. We generally permit all vendors to use our design without any royalties, and only very rarely under extenuating circumstances would we rescind permission. However, the events in the past few months forces us to make this difficult decision. You are always free to develop your own layout design from scratch, or to partner with other engineers to develop alternative designs.

Thank you and best of luck with your 6GHz VNA efforts.

(for anyone else reading this, the backstory is here: https://groups.io/g/NanoVNAV2/message/30)

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