Re: V2 and V3 roadmap

Jim Lux

On 8/22/20 7:27 AM, Jerry Gaffke via wrote:
This being a VNA (not a spectrum analyzer),
the only frequency present in the network is assumed to be that of the signal injected by the VNA.

Not for active systems (i.e. if you're measuring an amplifier or active filter or mixer).

So I doubt "resolution bandwidth" applies.
It sort of does, but not in the SA sense - there's a measurement bandwidth which essentially sets the SNR of the measurements of mag and phase in the 3 receivers.

Harmonics of the injected signal due to non-linearities in the network should not be an issue.
One hopes. However, an amplifier might introduce noise, some of which would be in the VNA's receiver bandwidth. And, since higher frequency ranges in the NanoVNA depend on using harmonics of the oscillators, one might get caught by something like that.

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