Re: We started selling SAA2 with N-type RF connector and 4-inch display

Peter Ide-Kostic <on7yi.pik973@...>

At the end of the day, if like me you are dealing with a lot of "rf
modules" bought on eBay, Aliexpress, Taobao etc... which are ALL sma
equipped the going SMA over N is just the natural choice, it is making my
life much easier as I don't need an adapter. People dealing mostly with N
equipped devices will of course be better off choosing an N nanaovna model
for the very same reason (to avoid the adapter), but for practical lab work
with SMA equipped DUTs going N is going to be more of a burden than an
advantage (I saw it with my NWT6000 that is equipped with N connectors).
Those adaptors work of course but they take up a lot of space and are
just another source of failure (that is in fact far greater than the SMA
or N connectors themselves !!!).

While it is obvious that the durability of SMA connectors is not as good as
N ones, it does not make any difference in practice for me, this is just a
hobby and the nanovna is only a (very nice) hobby tool.... I am not really
into mission critical type of work in my rf lab ;-) ;-) ;-) no lives are
at stakes if an SMA connector fails !!! Though I sometimes pump up to 300W
in those sma connectors in HF (yes sma connectors can handle that level
power in HF and even in VHF). Moreover, in the worst case scenario, an sma
connectors is extremely easy to replace using a hot air gun to desolder
it.. I would choose ease of use of SMA a 100 times over the durability of N
connectors . I can not imagine having to use N connectors for all the home
brewed DUTs that I measure, it is possible of course, but so much less
convenient for me from a practical perspective given the size of N
connectors and all the space it would eat-up.

On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 5:34 AM Jerry Gaffke via <jgaffke=> wrote:

If you want N-type connectors on your $40 VNA, then put the VNA in a
enclosure with a couple of adapter cables.
Choose a bulkhead style type-N so you can mount it on the wall of the
A google for "type n female bulkhead to sma female adapter" finds plenty
of hits, here's one:

Not a bad idea even if (like me) you prefer the SMA"s.
Attach some easily replaceable adapter cable once to the VNA's SMA
and then use the connectors at the far end of the cable when attaching to
your stuff.
Avoids wearing out the connectors on that VNA.

Alternately, buy a half dozen VNA's.

The folks that are really serious about this stuff spend way more than $40
on a single connector.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Sat, Aug 15, 2020 at 07:46 PM, Alex wrote:

The advantage of the N-type connector is durability, which is very
for benchtop instruments. However, a high-quality SMA connector can also
at more than ten GHz. For example, the Keysight 85052D calibration kit
SMA connectors, which can work at 26.5 GHz, but the price is as high as
several thousand dollars.

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