Re: V2 and V3 roadmap

Peter Ide-Kostic <on7yi.pik973@...>

Excellent news!!!!! . Personally, I am going to fall for sure for the fast
sweep 6 ghz model and for the high dynamic range 3ghz two port model.!!!
Looking forward to have them in my hands! 😊

Please make sure that on the new USB only models, rf output can be stopped
when not making measurements. This so much more convenient when measuring
high gain rf power amplifiers.

For the two port model, it would be great to be able to adjust rf power
without losing calibration. Ideally, if feasible, it would be great to be
able to make measurements of S21/S11 at much lower power than for S12/S22
measurements. Again this is useful when measuring amplifiers for obvious

Also for the two port, some basic de-embedding tools in the software would
be a true killing. For instance to remove effects of connectors,
attenuators, transformers etc...

I wish you a lot of commercial sucess with your new products!!!


On Sat, 1 Aug 2020, 01:10 Dragan Milivojevic, <d.milivojevic@...>

Great news, AFAIK there is no reasonably priced product, in the
amateur/semi profesional market as that
two port 3GHz version so that will place it at the top of the pack.

On Fri, 31 Jul 2020 at 10:53, Gabriel Tenma White <

Here are the designs under way and future plans for VNA hardware

- V2-N - this is still 2.8 inch and will replace the V2, and will feature
2x faster sweep (200 points/s) and lower trace noise. It will be ready
in 1
- V2-N4 - this one is 4 inch, and will have up to 5x faster sweep (500
points/s). It will be a redesign and won't be simply V2 with a large
display substituted in. Estimated availability in 2 months.

Some of our engineers are now working for another company on a new
- A USB-only 4GHz VNA with fast sweep. ETA 3 months. Pricing is supposed
to beat the V1 NanoVNA.
- A USB-only 6GHz VNA with fast sweep. ETA 3 months. Pricing is supposed
to beat the V2.
- A full two port 3GHz VNA with 100dB dynamic range across the band. I
don't know if this will feature a display.

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