Re: V2 and V3 roadmap



- V2-N - this is still 2.8 inch and will replace the V2, and will
feature 2x faster sweep (200 points/s) and lower trace noise. It will be
ready in 1 month.
- V2-N4 - this one is 4 inch, and will have up to 5x faster sweep (500
points/s). It will be a redesign and won't be simply V2 with a large
display substituted in. Estimated availability in 2 months.


I hope you mean 201 and 501 points etc?

The point "dead centre" is important, plus that's what the big boys do
(HPAK, Anritsu, R&S, Tek etc) for a good reason.   A lot of
test/measurement work is performed using centre frequency and span (per

It's always good to know that the centre frequency you asked for*, has a
definite measurement point, not interpolated between points. (* +/- RF
source accuracy of course.)


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