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Peter Ide-Kostic <on7yi.pik973@...>

In the EU it is the recent RED directive (radio equipment directive) that
regulates the introduction of wireless device on the European Single Market
acroos the 27 EU member states. I had a quick look at it but could not
come up with a "magic number" for measurement devices like the nanovna.
The problem is that the max power level authorized depends of course on the
application of the wireless device (quite logical) and there are many
possible applications..... There are however two indicative figures that
I remember, +10 dBm for bluetooth and +20 dBm for wifi. Most important
there is the obligation for manufacturers to indicate clearly to their
customers what is the maximum rf-power levels of the wireless devices they

When sweeping with my nanova V1, rf power level varies between roughly -20
and -10 dBm so we are very far from the limits cited above for wifi and
bluetooth. Moreover most of the time, this energy exiting port is
dissipated when measuring filters or amplifiers, significant energy is only
radiated when measuring an antenna or a device with high radiation loss,
but again the power level is really really not an
issue...unless you connect an amp at the output of CH1 but why would you
want to do that ??

On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 8:24 PM Brandon Swift <@bjswift> wrote:

Excuse me for being new to this. I've tried to find this out on my own but
without knowing the precise words and phrases to search for, it seems like
I'm not finding out what I would like. But I imagine someone here might
have dealt with this so would directly know, or can help point me in the
correct direction.

Generically speaking, how much power am I allowed to emit without getting
in trouble? At what point am I too much of an interferer?

I don't want to be experimenting with my VNA and then have some annoyed
military personnel come knocking on my door because my VNA sweeps are
causing interference on their bands! On top of not wanting to break any
laws, I also just want to be a good neighbor.

Presumably, this is different between licensed and unlicensed bands, and
depends on jurisdiction (FCC vs ITU vs other local restrictions).

Is this something any of you worry about, too? Any insight is appreciated!

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