Re: Calibration quick one

Peter Ide-Kostic <on7yi.pik973@...>

Not needed systematically if you use nanovna-saver. If you do a calibration
between 1 and 900 Mhz with 20 segments (for instance) this makes 20X101
points = 2020 points or 1 point every 450 khz (roughly). Then, you could
sweep between 10 and 20 Mhz (for instance) with 1 segment (101 points)
without having to re-calibrate. This will work though it is obviously
better to re-calibrate for a better resolution.

On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 11:08 PM Jim Allyn - N7JA <@jimallyn>

Since the NanoVNA only has 101 point sweeps, when you calibrate from1 to
900 MHz, you have calibrated points every 8.9 MHz. So, suppose you wanted
to sweep a 7 MHz bandpass filter for a 40 meter rig you are building.
You'd miss most of the useful data. Or suppose you wanted to sweep a
narrow band crystal filter. Most likely it would be missed entirely.
Always calibrate over the frequency range you are planning to do your tests
at. You might want to try using NanoNA-Saver, which will do sweeps in
multiple segments of 101 points. I have done up to 10 thousand points and
it works well.

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