Re: NanoVNA bricked


Hi folks,

I got a bricked VNA (white screen) from a very frustrated OM (very cheap: a glass of beer only, hi).
- First: I tried the "DfuSe"-way - no success - as expected.
- Second: I used the "STM32CubeProgrammer" and shortened Pin "VCC" with Pin "Boot0" to reach the programming mode. Using the concerning "nnn.hex" File - IT WORKS !
- Third: I tried the method which is decribed above with the ST-Link - IT WORKS also !
So nobody need a "sacrificial" device in his stock - I think. Give it away (for much more than one glass of beer only.., hi)
(I use WIN10 prof.)

Peter , DD6USB

It was worth a glass of beer I think.......

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