Re: 70 MHz - 6 GHz spectrum analyser & tracking generator

David J Taylor

From: jafinch78 .

Being like a cost effect development board student hack-able device... looks like reading into a little more some are changing the TXCO to a 0.2ppm.

Wondering if there are better like external input capabilities (using the lab GPSDO) and using more capabilities on the chips for more performance? Looks like the sampling rate limit of the signal path is the USB 2.0, so wondering about that hack too.

Looks like the AD9361 datasheet grid array ( ) is different... plus might not be many options for other chips using a CSP BGA adapter sockets if thinking using a different chip. Checked and even on Aliexpress the socket adapters are half as much as the Pluto. First time for me looking at BGA socket adapters, interesting.

There's a lot of discussion on Twitter about the Pluto, for example follow:

It's a continuing development, so input and suggestions may not be amiss.

"Next gen libiio being worked on - if you have feedback, let us know. (Key thing is faster)."

Next generation hardware (if there's one) will likely be more expensive.

[Me: I'm waiting for a debugged, big screen, cased, with battery, 3 GHz+ NanoVNA-<whatever>]

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