From: Roger Mull <roger_mull@...>
Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2020 2:42 PM


This is to alert you that a change to operation of the SCHEART DMR network will occur at the end of the month.  It will not affect operation of the repeater network during emergencies but will reduce the total number of available talk groups during normal operation.


I've was notified this afternoon, that by the end of the April, the originating source of the TAC1, TAC310 and DCI/Brandmiester talk groups is going away.  These three talk groups are being distributed from DMRX amateur group out of Washington state.  DMRX is supporting over 1,000 conference connections and their system loading has become as issue.   They made an announcement to the effect they would no longer provide free distribution and other C-bridge owners would need to pay for access starting in May.


These three talk groups are carried by SCHEART as part of the multi-state PRN network during normal operations.  During emergencies, we already shut off these talk groups.   The PRN network management team has decided not to pay for continued access to these talk groups.   Users who still want to access these talk groups are encourage to obtain openSpot

or similar hardware.