Rogue operator update



Over a few weeks in early summer, the SCHEART network along with other amateur repeaters in the state had experienced frequent malicious interference from a rogue station.   This has resulted in adverse impacts to the weekly training nets and periods where authorized communications on the repeaters were interrupted by control operators attempting to restrict the rogue station’s range.

In the background, amateurs along with State and Federal agencies worked to isolate the transmission source and identify the individual involved. The task force was successful in early July.

The suspect was not a licensed amateur operator.  However, he surrendered amateur radio equipment when confronted by law enforcement.  Due to further pending action, more information is not available at this time.

SCHEART thanks all the hams who participated in the effort to identify the rogue station and to all South Carolina Amateurs who acted professionally over the air when confronted by this operator.

UPDATE- The documentation for this stations operations was turned over to the FCC for action.