Harbison 50K information

Carl Juvrud

Tammy is looking for ham volunteers. The foot race will be held at the Harbison State Forest near Columbia SC on Jan. 4th 2020. Race starts at 7:30 am. Please contact her via the email listed below if you can help. cj

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Date: Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 11:00 PM
Subject: Harbison 50K information
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Good evening hams!

I’m in the final planning phase for the ham radio assignments for this event.  It’s become very obvious that we need more people.

We’ve had the luxury of placing 2 people at almost every stop in previous years, however, this year I’m not sure we have enough to cover all the usual spots.

As you know, we are the eyes and ears of the Director on the trail.  For those of you that worked this event the year of the 1000 year flood (2015 if I recall correctly), that year the trail was VERY wet due to all the rain and a portion of the route had to be remapped because some of the trail had washed into the river.  It was too dangerous to have the runners going so close to the edge.  They had to clear an old trail to allow the runners safe passage through Harbison State Forest.

This year, we’ve also have a very wet December.  The trails are mush.  I’ve reached out to the Director to check on trail conditions.  They had a training run today so many of the runners have already seen what conditions may be like next weekend.

All that being said, BE PREPARED.  We have to be prepared for a wet event as they’re also calling for rain next weekend.  This event have never been cancelled so it would have to be extremely bad for the event to be called off.  If they didn’t call it off for the snow or the flood, I doubt they’ll call it off for the rain.

If you’ve already volunteered, THANK YOU.  If you haven’t volunteered yet but are ready for one of the most challenging events of the year, SIGN UP!

I still need people so put the word out and let’s get these positions filled!

Thanks and 73!