FW: FREE DSTAR Peanut for HAM Amateurs


Access to PEANUT for DSTAR

The access to new users is stopped for a while. I did not expect the interest in the project. My machine is not able to serve all new users. The 400 to 500 PIN request per day was also not expected and had no time anymore to code. I an looking for a solution.. Maybe clustering.. I have to think about this.

Sorry that I do not answer the PIN request emails. Need some time to think about this.

David PA7LIM


On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 2:47 PM KENT HUFFORD <KHUFFORD@...> wrote:

I downloaded it. Sent PA7LIM a request for a password, came back in about 5 min . It does work. NO additional hardware needed, other than your phone.

Sorta looks and works like BLUE DV on Android. Should be because PA7LIM also wrote BLUE DV.


You also need to have your callsign registered with US Trust as usual on DSTAR.


For some reason, the audio sounds better than any DSTAR radio, including the D74.

Some were complaining about the cost of the D74. Now with Peanuts you can have DSTAR on your $500-1,000 Android phone<sic>.

On Peanut you can talk with HAM amateurs around the world via an Android device. Some of the ROOMS are connected to DSTAR reflectors ( REF001C, REF030C, XRF076B, XRF076F, XRF71L, XRF070C etc.. ).

Supported hardware

·       Any Android device running Android 4.x of higher.