FW: ACA Meet, Feb.26, 2021, this Fri.6:45 PM on Zoom ma1

Ron Lee

I know some of us are interested in sats, space weather, EME, etc.so I thought this and future presentations might be of interest. Feel free to attend.

Ron Lee WB4RXZ


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Subject: ACA Meet, Feb.26, 2021, this Fri.6:45 PM on Zoom ma1


Astronomy Club of Augusta

serves the CSRA


invites you and yours

 February 26, 2021, this Friday 6:45 PM 


YOUR Place, on Computer or Smartphone


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How (and Why) to be a Space Advocate


It's not enough to be a fan of space—we need to be advocates as well.

Casey will talk through the ways in which individuals can participate as citizens

to advance the cause of space exploration, and why it is so important to engage on these issues.

He will also outline the ways in which government and private space exploration efforts

depend on good policy and good funding—and how you can support both.


Speaker: Casey Dreierhttps://www/planetary.org/profiles/casey-dreier

is Chief Advocate & Senior Space Policy Adviser for The Planetary Society.

Casey is the public face of The Planetary Society's efforts to advance

1. planetary exploration, 2. planetary defense, and 3.the search for life.

He educates and empowers the organization's members to take political action.

He writes, teaches, and speaks to The Society's members, the public, and policymakers

to impress upon them the importance, relevancy, and excitement of space exploration.


We are pleased to welcome Casey to our Astronomy Club of Augusta.




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