FCC Rules against Baofeng Radio


A month ago, a local ham brought me his new BAOFENG that he got from BaofengUSA via Amazon, to program and I did, but it would not transmit below 145mhz.


Take the cover off the back and the radio said it could transmit 134-174 and 430-474 or about.


Tried RT Solutions software and CHIRP, could not get it to transmit below 145.


Used the BAOFENG software, which allows you to set the limits<sic>. And I put it at 144-174 and it works fine.


If you buy a Baofeng, be aware of the legal dynamics that is currently going on with this type of radio. It may work, or it may not. Spend your $50 wisely.




FCC Rules Baofeng Radio's are an "unauthorized RF device". Orders immediate stop of sales.