Everything RADIO videos


MIT Radio Society, EE and Computer Science Department Hosting Radio Technology Lectures


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Radio Society (W1MX) and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) are hosting a series of public lectures on “everything radio,” presented by academics and industry professionals. The series began on Tuesday, January 8.

Sessions are also accessible via YouTube, courtesy of MIT Student Cable (January 8 lecture).

Each self-contained talk addresses a different facet of radio, ranging from modulation, propagation, and Amateur Radio, to radar, radio astronomy, space-based applications, and cellular and 5G technology. No prior experience with radio is necessary.

The schedule and speakers list is on the EECS Independent Activities Period (IAP) page, under the Radio Technology, History, and Applications tab (click “Expand All” to view). For more information, contact Daniel Sheen, KC1EPN. 


Dave and I have been viewing some of them. These are truly great! If you don’t like formulas, just close your eyes. You will still learn a lot. The presenters are all HAMs, research Scientists and Professors at the Haystack Observatory in north west Boston.