Edgefield Storm Damage


A tornado caused damage to Edgefield County Sunday night.  Damage started at Sportsmen's Corner gas station with gas pumps turned over, a propane leak and other damage. Four people were injured at the gas station. The storm (tornado) blocked many roads with trees and wires.  Damage to houses and cars also occurred. The Red Cross has a shelter opened at Sweetwater Baptist Church. Other area damage is being documented today.
The EOC was activated with the help of AB4BF and KM4TWA.  The Edgefield County public safety departments, EM, police, fire and EMS responded immediately.  North Augusta police and McCormick county EMS also responded.
SKYWARN was active on 145.49 MHz repeater and state wide ARES net was active on SCHEART system.  Also remember the Apps on your phone like Scanner Radio by Gordon Edwards monitor Edgefield County public safety communications. This communications showed the dedication and professionalism of our county public safety departments.
Donald, W3MIF
ARES Edgefield County Emergency Coordinator