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Hello all,

Because so many members flagged our newsletter as spam, in order to continue being able to send out newsletters and announcements to our members requires all members to resubscribe to our list. The former list will go away after this email. So if you want to get our newsletter and announcements you will need to visit this website and sign up for the list again:

It really does the club a great disservice for our members to be reporting our emails and announcements as spam. Please consider this before pressing the spam button.

Discussions will be moved to and the lists at members@... and meetings@... will be ending June 1.

To subscribe to, please visit:

All of this is being done to better consolidate the streams of communication and to eliminate unnecessary duplication of information.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Gregory Godsey, K5CVD
* 2015-2021 North Augusta Belvedere Radio Club President
* ARRL Volunteer Examiner
* SCHeart Member


If you have anything you would like included in the newsletter, please email club@... with your submission. It can be an article about something Amateur Radio related or an upcoming Amateur Radio event.

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