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Carl Juvrud

Tennadyne model T-6,  6 element HF Log Periodic beam, 10m through 20m, with "collins coax balun" feed.  It has a 12 ft. boom, longest element is 38 ft, turning radius is 20 ft., 5.1 dbd gain, and 29 lbs.  It's been in use for a while, but everything is there, one/half of an element is very slightly bent, with owners manual, on the ground. Promise me you will use it as an HF antenna (no scrap), come disassemble and remove it, and it is yours.  NABRC CLUB MEMBERS ONLY!!

DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE HERE. CONTACT ME DIRECTLY OFF  LIST via  EMAIL ONLY AT CJUVRUD <AT> GMAIL.COM.  I am in Three Runs Plantation near the New Ellenton-Aiken area.