SCEMD Hurricane Michael Operational Plan

Posted on October 10, 2018 by KD4JQJ

October 10, 2018 @12:30 PM

Hurricane Michael is starting to impact parts of South Carolina as outer bands bring rain and increasing winds.  The storm’s major impact will be felt early on Thursday with windy conditions and periods of heavy rain.  The center track of the storm is projected for the midlands with 3 to 6 inches of rain.  There is a possibility of tornadoes and power outages.

SCEMD will be monitoring the SCHEART network starting at 0700 Thursday morning and continuing through the day for damage reporting around the state.  ARES/RACES members should monitor their local Tactical Frequencies and SCHEART through the day.

The normal SCHEART Healthcare net will take place at 0900.  This will be an abbreviated net targeted to healthcare facilities and agencies.  Operators who support these facilities and members of PHRC are encouraged to check in.  General amateur check ins will not be taken during the net.

After the net, SCEMD will reconfigure the SCHEART system to allow for statewide monitoring of conditions and receiving damage reports until the threat passes.


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SCHEART Training NET will abbreviated format.  Just take check-ins from people supporting healthcare facilities or MRC members.  That will help keep the net shorter.  Provide ample time for any emergency traffic between extended transmissions. 


SCEMD will be linking the VHF network about 0700.  At 0845 the system will automatically link up all repeaters for the healthcare net and drop them at 10:15.  At that point SCEMD will relink the repeaters that they determine necessary.