33rd Annual S.E.E.D. -LARGEST STEM IN THE CSRA - Oct 6, 2018


The Aiken EM/North Augusta-Belvedere Radio Club/Aiken ARES and other CSRA HAMS will be at the 33rd annual S.E.E.D. (Science Education Enrichment Day) at USC-Aiken on October 6, THIS SATURDAY. Each year about 3,600 youngsters attend for 100’s of exhibits in many phases of science, the CSRA’s largest STEM festival. We will teach them to send their names using Morse Code using code oscillators. Other activities at our booth including making beaded bracelets with colored beads indicating the dits and dahs of Morse Code with their name, and coloring QSL cards for the youngest attendees.  At the same time some of the members talk to the parents about the scholarships available to Amateur Radio Ops. 

If you were not lucky enough to volunteer for this great event, you can still bring your kids, grandkids, and yourself to have a great time at all the booths, and stop by and say hello to the volunteers in the booth.


 As you know, the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center will proudly host the 33rd Annual Science Education Enrichment Day (S.E.E.D.) at USC Aiken.  Science Education Enrichment Day (S.E.E.D.) is a family themed festival celebrating science, technology, engineering and math. The 33rd annual S.E.E.D. will provide opportunity for engagement and exchange between children, teens, families, and local STEM professionals. The CSRA’s largest STEM festival will take place on Saturday, October 6, 2018 from 10:00am until 3:00pm and will feature exhibitors who will provide hands-on activities, interactive demonstrations, and family-oriented STEM entertainment. We have found that experiences like S.E.E.D. can have a profound effect on children’s attitudes about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  

 We currently have 29 volunteers for 2018.

 Thank you again for your support of HAM Radio in the CSRA





 33rd Annual S.E.E.D. - Science Education Enrichment Day

Saturday, October 6, 2018

10am-3pm / USC Aiken Campus