24 hour clock kit

Carl Juvrud

Looking for a winter project???  I came across this kit on Ebay. I bought three and sold one to Dave (WB5NHL).  We built them.

I was considering these as a club build, but have decided not to for the following reasons:
 These are not 12 or 24 hour clocks, just 24 hour. Temp display is in Celsius. You cannot change this.
The kit is not a beginners kit.
Instructions are marginal, solder pads on the pc board are very small. 
 You would need a small tipped temp controlled iron and fine gauge solder, along with steady hands. And a magnifying glass.

You will have to buy a separate coin battery (CR1220) and buy or pull out of your junk drawer, a cellphone charger with a usb port to power the unit. Comes with a power cord. The battery is power backup.

On the plus is quite a bargain!!! And can be assembled in about 2 hours. Big bright large display with choice of LED colors. Mine worked first time. One for UTC and one for local time. About two weeks lead time from China.
So...if you think you are up to it, enjoy, and remember, Dave and I can help if needed. 73  de Carl KP2L