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July Meeting

WHEN: Monday, July 9, 2018
6:30 PM - Fellowship
7:00 PM - Meeting

WHERE: North Augusta Public Service Station #2
Five Notch Road
North Augusta, SC

TALK-IN: 145.350 Mhz (-) (PL tone: 156.7)

Please note: I am asking that we wait until the August Meeting to talk about this year's Field Day. Please refrain from discussing Field Day at this meeting. Thank you!

Program: Swapfest! For this meeting we will hold our first annual swapfest. Bring your excess "stuff" to sell or trade, and bring money to buy some more "stuff". You can't have too much stuff!!!

And I'm sure there will be bargains there.

Upcoming Events

July 12, 2018 - 7:00 PM - VE Testing Session at Aiken SDA Church at 1714 Columbia Hwy N in Aiken SC.

July 16, 2018 - 6:00 PM - Aiken County ARES at Aiken Regional Medical Center in the Cafeteria.

August 13, 2018 - 6:30 PM Fellowship, 7:00 PM Meeting - North Augusta Belvedere Radio Club Monthly Meeting at Aiken Regional Medical Center on the 6th Floor in Classroom A & B.

October 6, 2018 - 10 AM to 3 PM - Science Education Enrichment Day at USC Aiken. If you have not signed up to help, please see Kent, KQ4KK (kq4kk@...) to do so. You get a great shirt and boxed lunch for participating. Over 4,000 kids and parents come by and learn a little about Amateur Radio. This is a great chance to spread the word about our hobby and to demonstrate our craft.

Competitive Contesting Class

The Swamp Fox Contest Group (SFCG) and South Carolina DX Association (SCDXA) are sponsoring a Competitive Contesting class Saturday August 18th in Gray Court, South Carolina. Its goal is simple. To help those already familiar with contesting improve their scores. To achieve that goal operating techniques, station design choices, and contest radio characteristics will be presented.

This is not a beginner’s class. People choosing to attend should have previously participated in contests or serious Field Day efforts. They will already be familiar with how a contest style contact is conducted and now want to figure out what they can do differently to help achieve competitive state, regional, and national scores. Skills discussed can be used for Field Day but will be focused on participating in contests happening throughout the year. Heavy emphasis is placed on HF SSB operations, however much of the information to be presented is common to all types and modes of contesting.

Kevan Nason, N4XL, will present topics which include methods to make contacts flow more efficiently, breaking through pile ups, HFTA and take off angles, improving your Search and Pounce technique, tips on Running stations, using N1MM+ contest logger tools to increase contact rate per hour, and internet sources to help with your self-improvement efforts. Most importantly, for those of you not yet in the know the “Big Secret” used by all the highest scoring contesters will be revealed! It is virtually impossible to be a top contester without incorporating this critical knowledge into your personal operating style.

SCDXA member K9JDP is graciously opening his large shack for the class. It’s located in Laurens County at 3056 Greenpond Rd, Gray Court, South Carolina 29645. Kickoff is at 8:30 AM. We'll discuss contesting for about 5 hours. There will be an additional 60-minute break in the middle for lunch meaning we should be done by 3:00. "GT’s Quick Stop" is just a few minutes away. They serve pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, wings, BLT's and BBQ sandwiches. If you would rather bring your own meal Jim has a full kitchen in the shack with a stove, refrigerator and microwave. Bottled water will be available.

It is recognized that a class on August 18th will conflict with the NAQP SSB contest which many like to participate in. After looking at facility scheduling requirements and other conflicts this proved to be the best date.

Seating is limited to 25 people. Contact Kevan Nason, N4XL, for registration or additional information. The class was first presented last spring and was well received. Attendees gave many positive comments. There are currently no plans for a third, so if interested you are encouraged to register now rather than waiting.

Kevan Nason, knason00@...

Assigning Kosovo Z6 Call Signs "Unauthorized and Illegal," ITU Secretary-General Says

Kosovo, which won its battle to become a DXCC entity earlier this year, appears to have another fight on its hands. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Secretary-General Houlin Zhao has determined that the Z6 call sign prefix was never allocated to Kosovo. The Secretary-General issued his finding in the wake of a March 16 inquiry from Serbia, from which Kosovo declared independence 10 years ago, the last piece of the former Yugoslavia to do so. Serbia has continued to reject Kosovo's secession.
"ITU has not allocated call sign series Z6 to any of its member states," Houlin Zhou said. "Consequently, the utilization of call signs series Z6 by any entity without a formal allocation and consent of the ITU represents an unauthorized and illegal usage of this international numbering resource."

The Secretary-General's statement was reported in ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1149. He cited Article 19 of the Radio Regulations, which states that the management of international series of call signs is an ITU prerogative. "Call sign series can be allocated only to the administrations of the ITU member states by World Radiocommunication Conferences or, between conferences, by the ITU Secretary-General," asserted Houlin Zhou.

Kosovo is not an ITU member state and is therefore not eligible to receive a call sign block allocation from the ITU.

Houlin Zhou also informed the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) that the ITU did not authorize use of the Z6 prefix and asked the IARU not to include Z6-prefix call signs on its website, where they have appeared since the 2015 admission of Shoqata e Radio Amatoreve te Kosoves (SHRAK) as an IARU member-society. As a sector member of the ITU, the IARU complied with the request and advised SHRAK.

Kosovo joins a short list of DXCC entities where radio amateurs use "unofficial" call sign prefixes. The list also includes Western Sahara (S0) and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (1A). Read more.

From the ARRL Letter for June 21, 2018.


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