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Carl Juvrud KP2L

Aren't you using a vertical antenna???  It might be better to buy the beam first.  Like a hexbeam that you could turn with a light duty rotor.

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My final straw experience was trying to get a schematic for their power supply. The schematic on their web site clearly did NOT match my 10 year old ps. I was told they did NOT have a schematic or any documentation. I wasn't looking for spare parts just a schematic!

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As an interesting story, while I was Director, I made two trips to ARRL/W1AW each year for the board meetings.  W1AW has multiple operating positions, but also has a small workshop.  The door was open, and I saw an Ameritron amp on the workbench. I asked Joe Carcia (caretaker of W1AW) what was going on.  He told me that the amp was inoperative, and that he couldn’t get a reply from Ameritron Tech Support.  I asked if they knew he was calling from W1AW.  He said they did.  I told him, “Joe, PUT IT IN QST!”  He did, and as soon as the issue was published, he was called by the CEO of Ameritron immediately, and they had a new amp sent out to him the next day.


I reminded him about this on my next visit, and he told me “good advice!”


I wish the rest of us could count on that degree of customer service.


’73 de JIM N2ZZ




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One of the best is Elecraft KPA500 with KAT500 tuner    capable of 500 watts, loafing at 250.  Only drawback is $$$   My opinion is to stay away from Ameritron amps  I have had multiple bad experiences.



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I am looking for an amplifier to use with Icom 7300.
Need one that put out 250 watts. Any suggestion.


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Dave,  WB5NHL
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