100 Watts and a Wire, Magic on Colonial Drive


No high power HF amplifier, no beam antennas at 60 feet. As far as equipment, just a 100 watt ICOM 7300 and an out of production 80m Carolina Windom wire antenna strung between pine trees.


A group of young women and one young man took on the ARRL School Club Roundup. One of them has a General FCC license. All are part of the Schofield Middle School Radio Club, N4SMS in Aiken, SC.


Normally during this semiannual event, experience Elmers from the clubs sponsor, North Augusta-Belvedere Radio club are on hand to provide their expertise and oversight. Not this time at the Matson’s home on Colonial Drive in Aiken, due to COVID-19 restrictions.


The group made 396 contacts, talked to hams in 47 states. Made contact with 12 other schools. And made 7 DX contacts outside the USA. This was done in 5 afternoons. Remarkable, since we hear from many hams that “the HF bands are dead”. Not so to this team They worked their tails off to make each and every contact!


HAM radio is not dead. With the enthusiasm and effort seen with these students, HAM radio can grow and flourish.


Congrats again to the team on Colonial Drive






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