Replacement ear pads for Heil headsets.

Kevan Nason

There has been a discussion about replacement earpads for Heil headsets on the CQ-Contest reflector. I've always disliked the factory pads, so when Joe, WB9SBC, said he found some great ones that fit I decided to give some a try on my Heil Proset 6.  Several were talked about, but I chose to go with these because I like the softness of gel filled products:
Krone Kalpasmos Upgraded Cooling-Gel Ear Pads for Turtle Beach Stealth Headphones, Compatible with ATH M-Series/HyperX/Sennheiser/Sony(Full List Inside)Many Other Large Over Ear Headset Cups Cushions

Amazon has them for $15.99 at

I love them. They completely fit over my big ears and the gel pads are very comfortable. Haven't done a contest yet, but wore them for an hour while fiddling with the computer and I've no doubt they will be much more comfortable than my Heil headset during a long contest. Might not even feel like shifting back and forth between the Heil and my Sennheiser HD280's during CW contests anymore.

Installation was fairly simple. Popped the old pad off, pulled a plastic ring from it, and then put it into the new pad. Repeat for the other side. I did discover the need to use a razor blade to trim some material from the edge of the new pads to let the ring snap back into the Heil phones, but that was easy and only took a minute per pad once I figured that out. The ring has a few raised portions of plastic that snap into and grab the Heil earpieces to hold the pad in place. The new pads were a bit too big for the ring and covered the snaps preventing their locking into place.

Joe put new pads on his Proset 4. He said they fit perfectly and didn't mention the need to trim. He has some picture of his installation here:

Highly recommended. 

Kevan N4XL

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