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Carl Juvrud

My brother just bought this one from Amazon.

I like the idea of dual fuel, gas and propane.  He has a couple of 20 lb tanks.  It would be especially neat if you already have a big propane tank.


On Mon, Jul 6, 2020 at 2:51 PM WB5NHL <dave@...> wrote:
I think you have a good idea.  By controlling the load in the house via circuit breakers you can control the load to the generator without using extension cords in the house. For example in an emergency your refrigerator doesn't nee to run often. Just enough to keep things cool with the door shut. This is what I did for a week without power during the 2014 ice storm. Lights etc in only occupied rooms. Controlling the load also optimizes your gasoline use since power outages affect gas stations. Which is also a point, you need safe gasoline storage, at least for a few days.  I also used a space heater for an occupied room since I don't have enough capacity for the central HVAC. Fortunately, in SC we don't get really cold enough worry about frozen pipes.

BTW, my neighbor bought a whole-house natural gas generator 2014. No use since. There's was a Genrac unit. After watching the amount of service it's need I'm not sure I would use Genrac or invest the money.

On 7/6/2020 1:26 PM, Rodney Tanner wrote:
I think I am going to go a different way.  Harbor Freight Predator 9000 watt generator and use manual transfer switch 10 circuit panel.  This way I can run essentials in the house when the power goes out. I thinks I will able to turn off the breaker for study ham shack on the main panel. Then run the generator turn the break on for the study ham shack and the rest off in the transfer switch panel.  Have to talk to an electrician about it to see if is possible.

Essentials are Central heating and air conditioning, range, garage door, Master bedroom, refrigerator, study ham shack, kitchen outlets and kitchen lights.

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