Re: A Wild Thought

Kevan Nason

The AV-680 style antennas with counterpoises like that work better being high off the ground Rodney so it is worth a try. Always fun to experiment! Not sure how high you have it now or even if you have it up at all.  Generally speaking 10 ft is still kind of low, especially for 40 and 80 meters, but it is much better than just a couple feet up. I once owned and R5 and it worked good at 10 feet when I lived near a salt marsh in Rhode Island, but once I moved inland it really needed to be up high in the air before I accepted its performance. I bought an R7 a few years back that I will someday put up. After my R5 experience and also reading N6LF's studies about verticals I decided when I get around to using it I will get it up to at least 20 feet using some of those army surplus poles.

By the way, when in high school a science teacher put up a multi-band vertical on top of the school in the center of the roof. It was 80 feet in the air and had a 200 x 200 ft 1/4 inch steel plate across the entire roof top. It was a killer antenna. Wish I had a set up like that now! 

I did a talk to the Swamp Fox Contest Group about how I made my verticals work here. Maybe when the virus stuff settles down I can give it to NABARC.

Kevan N4XL

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