Re: Field Day

Jerry Crawford

While I missed all the operating Field Day with the K4NAB  operations I had a great time and learned a lot.

Perhaps most important for others as well as myself is that it does not take a great setup to have fun and improve skills.  A few weeks ago I threw up an end fed half wave with one end about20 ft up and the other end going over a tree about 50 ft up.  Not a very good antenna but it worked better than I expected.  

The second lesson for all is to be better prepared.  I am in a new QTH with less operating room than I had previously.  I should have taken more time checking out how things would work with this arrangement for a contest type situation.  Along with that, I should taken more time to learn all the N3FJP shortcuts so I did not have to take so much time moving the mouse around.  

I am a mediocre CW operator so can’t compete with the fast running operators like Kevan and did not expect much.  Also I didn’t operate the full time and quit at 250 contacts. The bands were in great shape and I made QSOs on all the bands. I worked 43 states including AK and HI which met my objective of getting going for another WAS from my new QTH.  If I had put in more time I could have made a lot more QSOs.  With the multipliers for CW and power level that will be 1000 points for the K4NAB score.

So I hope others had a good time and that those lacking great antennas know that it is possible to have a good time with minimal antennas.  


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I was wondering how many club members are doing
Field Day from home.

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